Why Russia is Unlikely to Build a Super Aircraft Carrier

Zachary Keck of National Interest  provides arguments why Russia is
unlikely to succeed in building a super aircraft carrier as anounced
last month by RA Viktor Borsuk, deputy commander in chief of the
Russian Navy. The carrier, known as Project 23000E Shtorm is supposed
to be powered by two RITM-200 nuclear engines, displace 100,000 tons,
carry 90 MIG-29K and be operational by 2030. Its price tag was
estimated at $9bln.
Keck lists the following reasons for his pessimism that the ship would
be ever built. Previous Sovier-era carriers were all built in Ukraine,
a nuclear destroyer was supposed to be built first to gain experience,
which is not happening, Russia has suffered a 25% cut in its defense
budget in 2017 and it lacks the necessary escort/support vessels and
also long-range strike and electronic warfare aircraft.


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