US Army unprepared to deal with Russia in Europe

An internal U.S. Army report obtained by Politico states a 173rd Airborne Brigade self-assessment revealed it is ill-prepared to deal with air power, high-end military equipment and electronic warfare, such as equipment jamming, that Russia can conduct in Europe. The Airborne Brigade, which is based in Italy, is considered a primary line of defense against a potential Russian incursion on NATO’s borders. But following years of fighting insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan, the brigade lacks air defense and electronic warfare units and is over-reliant on GPS systems and satellite communications, according to its self-assessment. Meanwhile, recent training with Ukrainian troops has shown separatists in Eastern Ukraine are using state-of-the-art Russian antitank missiles to barrage Kiev’s armored vehicles. The Politico piece states former Army officers who have read the report say it should act as an alarm bell for the U.S. military to renew its focus on Eastern Europe and tensions with Russia.


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