Wife of Chechen accused of plotting to kill Putin shot dead near Kiev

In the latest development in a wave of assassinations and attempted assassinations in Kiev, assassins shot and killed the wife of a Chechen man accused by Russian authorities of plotting to kill Putin. The latest killing occurred Monday in an ambush near the Ukrainian capital, RFE/RL reports.

Back in 2015, after Kiev refused to fulfill Moscow’s request to extradite him, Adam Osmayev became a volunteer commander and fought on Ukraine’s side in the war in Donbass. Earlier this year, a gunman tried unsuccessfully to kill Osmayev, as the Chechen man’s wife came to the rescue and shot the would-be assassin. But on Monday, Osmayev and his wife were ambushed in another assassination attempt, which resulted in Osmayev’s wife dying and the Chechen man surviving with injuries. Osmayev accuses Russia of orchestrating the attack.


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