Ukraine tells Serbia to respect its sovereignty

Diplomatic tensions between Ukraine and Serbia are currently high, with Kiev calling out Belgrade for not doing enough to stop Serbian mercenaries from fighting alongside pro-Russian militants in Donbas, Balkan Insight reports. Kiev is likewise angry over Serbian nationalist politicians traveling to Russian-occupied Crimea, upon Moscow’s invitation, and co-founding an international organization called “Friends of Crimea.” And in an interview with Balkan Insight, Ukraine’s ambassador to Belgrade, Oleksandr Aleksandrovych, went even further, saying Moscow is trying to destabilize the Balkans by training Serbian mercenaries to kill Ukrainians; using Serbian extremists to attempt a coup in Montenegro; encouraging separatism in Republika Srpska; pitting Serbians, Macedonians and Albanians against one another; and giving fighter jets to Belgrade to create tensions with Croatia. Since the interview, Serbia’s ultra-nationalist Radical Party has called for Aleksandrovych’s expulsion, and Kiev has called back its ambassador for consultations.


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