Macedonia, Greece sign ‘historic’ name deal

With both countries PMs present, Macedonia and Greece’s foreign ministers signed the much-anticipated name deal Sunday that calls for renaming the northern neighbor “Republic of North Macedonia,” Balkan Insight reports. The signing ceremony took place in the border region of Lake Prespa in the Greek village of Psarades. The two delegations then crossed over to the Macedonian side of the lake for a celebratory lunch.

Though the Macedonian name agreement has now been signed, ratification still remains a tough task. Opponents of the deal are continuing to protest in both countries. Macedonian nationalists are angry over the name change, while Greek nationalists are angry that their northern neighbors will still refer to themselves as Macedonians and their language as Macedonian. The agreement must now pass both countries’ parliaments and an even riskier referendum in Macedonia in order for it to take effect.


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