EU ‘migration summit': big on promises, short on detail

An EU Observer piece breaks down this week’s EU migration summit, which ended with no concrete resolution to Europe’s ongoing migrant crisis. With German Chancellor Merkel facing a Bavarian revolt and several EU states opposing forced relocation of migrants within the bloc, EU leaders came up with a vague proposal to set up migrant centers. North African countries are disinterested in hosting the migrant centers, and it is unclear where they would be erected within the EU. The summit additionally failed to hash out asylum reform, particularly relating to the Dublin regulation. EU leaders did not resolve the issue surrounding Dublin of how long the country of first entry is responsible for migrants. Meanwhile, Merkel is claiming she struck bilateral agreements with other member states on taking back migrants from Germany. Furthermore, the EU Observer piece notes Brussels is promising another 3 billion euros to Turkey for hosting Syrians, as well as an additional 500 million euros to a fund for Africa.


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