Romanian prosecutor who took on entrenched corruption is fired

Romania’s ruling Social Democratic Party (PSD) succeeded in its bid to oust the head of the country’s anticorruption agency, The New York Times reports. Despite being a vocal supporter of Romania’s anticorruption efforts, President Klaus Iohannis fired anticorruption chief Laura Codruta Kovesi after receiving and order to do so from the Romanian Constitutional Court. Iohannis, who is locked in a political struggle with the PSD, had been under increasing pressure to fire Kovesi since Romania’s justice minister recommended her removal in February. The PSD said it would discuss the idea of suspending Mr. Iohannis from office if he refused to comply with the court order and remove Kovesi. Since Kovesi became the head of the anticorruption directorate in 2013, the agency successfully prosecuted thousands of government officials, lawmakers and business leaders, including high-ranking PSD members.


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