German Turks feel closer to Turkey than Germany

About 61 percent of Turkish Germans feel very strongly connected with Turkey, while 38 percent feel strongly connected to Germany, according to a study released by the Center for Turkish Studies. The study also found 33.9 percent were strongly interested in Turkish politics, while just 19.6 percent were strongly interested in German politics. 38 percent of Turkish Germans polled said they would not return to Turkey, 15 percent intend to return permanently and 37 percent plan to live between Turkey and Germany. The study so happened to be released the day after German footballer Mesut Özil announced he was quitting Germany’s national team, claiming racism as his reason. Prior to this year’s World Cup, Özil met with Erdogan, a move that drew criticism and sparked a debate about the integration of the roughly 3 million Turks in Germany and their loyalty to the country. Last month, nearly two thirds of Turkish voters in Germany voted for Erdogan, which gave him a higher level of support among Turks in Germany than in Turkey.


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