Disinfo Hall of Fame

Disinfo Hall of Fame:
If you’ve read this far, here’s your reward – the ten wildest cases from the last two weeks.

  1. The Skripal case was invented to distract from British paedophilia scandals, which Theresa May covered up when she was Home Secretary!
  2. All high-ranking politicians in the Baltic states are implicated in paedophilia. Makes them easier to control.
  3. Tinder is planning to warn its users that Poland is dangerous for the LGBT community. Even though earlier this year, Warsaw held one of its largest ever pride marches, with another major LGBT demonstration just a few weeks ago.
  4. The US controls Al-Qaeda and ISIS/Daesh. Don’t look so surprised! Everyone knows the Americans have been managing global terrorism since the end of the 20th century.
  5. NATO is planning to attack and occupy Turkey. It was behind all the coup attempts, too!
  6. A Romanian murder suspect was trafficking girls to NATO soldiers stationed at the Deveselu base. Better hide yo kids, hide yo wife!
  7. The US and Anglo-Saxons are promoting a global totalitarian caste system. It’s disguised as “liberalism”!