Bearish investor Doug Casey bullish on Eastern Europe

Doug Casey in Acapulco, Mexico

  Doug Casey, a renowned contrarian investor and global citizen, views the West as collapsing due to excessive growth of government, but Eastern Europe as a viable place to do business, he said in an interview with Bulgaria Analytica.   Speaking on the sidelines of Anarchapulco, an annual anarchocapitalist conference in Acapulco, Mexico, Casey recollected first visiting Eastern Europe in 1967, crossing then-communist Romania and Bulgaria aboard the Orient Express to Istanbul. Casey, who boasts having traveled to more than 150 countries, said much has changed since then. He lauded contemporary Eastern European states for their rejection of socialism; likewise for their rejection of mass migration.   “It’s said that there are more communists in American universities than there are in Eastern Europe today, and I think that’s true,” Casey