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Over the past three decades, Prof. Vladimir Chukov, a fluent Arabic speaker, has been exploring the Middle East problems including religious radicalism and terrorism. His latest book entitled “DAESH, a (Non)-Islamic state” reflects, first and foremost, the perceptions and the evaluation of a researcher whose country is located in the immediate vicinity of the Syrian and Iraqi territories that have been occupied by the terrorist organization. It has been the author’s objective in this 400 page book based mostly on Arab sources, to outline the main reasons behind the rise of this proto-government formation, as well as to highlight the various factors that have contributed to it. While searching for comprehensive answers to his questions, the author has managed to penetrate deeply into the very composition of the local societies

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About Vladimir Chukov

Vladimir Chukov - professor, doctor of economics and author of books and research papers in Arabic. From 1995 to 1998, he served as editor of the magazine International Relations. Chukov is a member of many international scientific organizations, including the European Association for Middle Eastern Studies and Central Eurasian Studies Society.