Enders Wimbush

BulgariaAnalytica organized the first public meeting on the topic „ Geopolitical and Geoenergy Dilemmas in the Intermarium Region – the US, EU and Russian Agendas,“ which was held on September 21 in Sofia.   You can watch a recording of the lecture of S. Enders Wimbush: “OVERVIEW OF RECENT GEOPOLITICAL TURMOIL IN EURASIA AND EASTERN EUROPE AND ITS IMPACT ON ENERGY POLICY“. S. Enders Wimbush (USA) – studied Central Asia and the Caucasus at University of Chicago. He has worked as a strategist of future security environments at StrateVarious LLC, Booz Allen Hamilton, and other leading consultancies. He served as Senior Director at the German Marshall Fund (2010-2012) and Senior Vice President of Hudson Institute (2004-2010). Mr. Wimbush was nominated by the President to be a Governor of the United