barselona is an analytical website and we seldom analyze individual articles or ideas but the case discussed below is important enough to make an exception from our usual practice.  It is a brief but exceptional analysis by Soeren Kern of the Gatestone Institute in New York which explains why the terrorist act of August 17 could and should have been prevented. While discussing the Barcelona case, Mr. Kern also gives us a lot of food for thought on what’s wrong with the European attitudes toward radical Islam. I strongly recommend the website to anyone that is interested in Islamic terrorism – the plague of our times.   The article begins with the revelation that the authorities in Barcelona, led by its hard left mayor, Ada Colau, had refused

Ukraine’s Ethnic Groups

  On July 10, 2017, Ukraine adopted new regulations for border crossings. They require all Russian citizens entering the country to have biometric passports and “register with their temporary addresses and inform authorities about their movement within Ukrainian territory”. Moscow’s official reaction was predictably negative, threatening to introduce a visa regime for Ukrainians. This could potentially bring further complications to over a million Ukrainians working in Russia and an additional several million who annually cross the border to visit their friends and relatives.   While Ukraine had the world’s attention, primarily due to its political turmoil and Russia’s “hybrid aggression”, the country’s demography is and will continue to be its most serious challenge. This Eastern European country has a progressively shrinking population due to emigration and birthrate decline. As a