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Bulgariaanalytica.org is an analytical website and we seldom analyze individual articles or ideas but the case discussed below is important enough to make an exception from our usual practice.  It is a brief but exceptional analysis by Soeren Kern of the Gatestone Institute in New York which explains why the terrorist act of August 17 could and should have been prevented. While discussing the Barcelona case, Mr. Kern also gives us a lot of food for thought on what’s wrong with the European attitudes toward radical Islam. I strongly recommend the gatestoneinstitute.org website to anyone that is interested in Islamic terrorism – the plague of our times.


The article begins with the revelation that the authorities in Barcelona, led by its hard left mayor, Ada Colau, had refused to install bollards (traffic blocking obstacles) on Las Ramblas as recommended by the Madrid government. In fact, the Catalonian government, which is in the hands of the extreme left party “Republican Left of Catalonia”(RLC), had openly refused to sign an agreement with Madrid to fight the jihadists, despite the brutal terrorist act of 2004 which cost 192 Spanish lives and 2000 injured. In fact, according to the magazine, El Periodico de Catalunya, the Catalonian police, known as Mossos d’Esquadra, and the National Police are in a state of war and do not cooperate at all, because of Mossos intransigence. The article also mentions that the CIA reportedly warned Barcelona in June 2017 that an attack was being planned to no avail.


A number of public clues as to the preparation of an attack were also disregarded. The conspirators, who were at least 12, had occupied a foreclosed property in a small beach town south of Barcelona and despite collecting nearly 100 large gas bottles were left free to conspire until they blew up the house while constructing bombs with the Mother of the Devil (triacetone triperoxide). One of the people who perished in the explosion was a radical imam who was reported to the police by other Muslims, but not placed on any watch list.


Why were the Barcelona authorities so negligent in their duty to protect the public as to allow this tragedy? This has to do with the specific political conditions prevailing in the autonomous Spanish province, but also with the unfortunate Western European attitudes to radical Islam. Led by radical leftists, the Catalonian regional government has encouraged almost unlimited Muslim immigration in the belief that the immigrants will learn Catalonian, rather than Spanish, and support Catalonian independence. As a result, Catalonia now has at least 510,000 Muslims among its 7.5 million inhabitants, a full 10% of whom are said to be radical Islamists, which has made it a favorite pace for terrorist recruiters. There are, for instance at least 60,000 Pakistanis, most of whom are said to be male and single and especially prone to radicalization. Yet, much like in Western Europe beyond, there is no evidence that Barcelona has learned a lesson from this tragedy. Despite its disastrous policy of inviting millions of Muslim migrants to Europe, something she admitted at the time, Angela Merkel, the de facto leader of Europe, has lately argued that Europe can accommodate even more migrants.  More terror is inevitable.


By Alex Alexiev

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