The Muller report is in and there is no doubt that it will leave a huge and shameful mark in American history. For what happened was a two-year long conspiracy to remove a legitimately elected American president by the democratic party, the main stream press and most disturbingly, the Department of Justice and large part of the intelligence community, including the FBI and the CIA.


To start with the press, as the perceptive Lee Smith has written in the Tablet Magazine, “None of what went on the last two years would have been possible without the press, an indispensible partner in the biggest political scandal in a generation.” Virtually the entire main stream press, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, CNN and MSNBC, the New Republic, the Atlantic, Slate and Salon and a myriad others engaged day in day out in false narratives and outright fake news and received Pulitsers for their lies. For two straight years, they convinced the public that still reads or watches them, that it was only a matter of time before the dishonored and impeached traitor Donald Trump was going to be marched out of the White House and into jail. And they did so on the basis of no evidence whatsoever other than a phony dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton. Most of these people are still in denial of their own crass dishonesty, but history will not forgive them.


Then there is the political class. While there were many republicans that became never-trumpers, there was not a single democrat of note who stood up in two years to say stop this nonsense. Is it any wonder that this is now the party that wants to outlaw plane travel and stop cows from belching! Beyond that, there is the case of Hillary Clinton, who deleted official e-mail, put up an illegal computer server and destroyed government evidence with impunity. How was it possible for a deeply corrupt person like that not only to avoid persecution but to set up and in some ways steer and control  the false narrative. This is where a second special prosecutor is an absolute must, especially because we now know that American citizens were spied on because of the fake Clinton-paid information provided to the FISA court not once but three times. And while at it, that special prosecutor needs to look closely at the role played in all of this by Joe Biden and President Obama himself.


Finally, Congress must take a close look (and Senator Graham of the judiciary Committee has already promised that) at the demonstrated corruption at the highest levels of law enforcement and intelligence. How was it possible for John Brennan, head of the CIA, to claim far and wide that Trump was a Russian spy on the basis of zero evidence.  Or that both the director and deputy director of the FBI worked diligently and lied often in order to bring Trump down. And why did Muller’s investigation take two years to complete when it was clear early on that no crime had been committed. These and many other questions about the pervasive corruption at the highest levels of US government must be answered before we Americans can go back to their everyday concerns. Only then could one say that these traumatic two years have come to a close.


By Alex Alexiev

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