On September 3, an event of historic significance occurred. Few have grasped the historic footprint of what should have been a standard diplomatic disagreement between the Russian Embassy in Sofia and the Bulgarian MFA. This date will remain in the annals of history, if not as a marker of the end of the transition from Soviet to European type of self-consciousness in Bulgaria, as the first formal challenge of the Bulgarian authorities to the monopoly of the Soviet narrative on the Soviet-Bulgarian history around and after September 9th, 1944.   The case that triggered the whole story was the exhibition “75 Years since the Liberation of Eastern Europe from Nazism”, organized by the Russian Embassy in Bulgaria, which is part of a major global undertaking by the Russian MFA

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  On October 11th last year the Ecumenical Patriarchate overturned its decision to temporarily transfer to Moscow the right to ordain the popularly elected metropolitan of Kyiv on the basis of the unfulfilled conditions on the part of ROC, as well as due to the change in the global socio-political situation. Thus, the Ecumenical Patriarchate brought back under its omophorion the Metropolis of Kyiv. For the last 300 years Moscow had ruled the Kyiv Metropolis, eradicating all local Ukrainian traditions, gradually limiting the rights of the Metropolis. With its decision, the Ecumenical Throne declared the removal of the anathema on Metropolitan Filaret (Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Kyiv Patriarchate, UOC-KP) proclaimed by Moscow, and accordingly recognized the canonicity of his ordinances and of the ordinances of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church