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Lubomir Kanov is a Bulgarian medical doctor, Psychiatrist and a writer, who was forced into emigration in 1984. He was a qualified professional in his native country, before the authorities and the Secret Police arrested him in 1977 for subversive thinking and “counter-revolutionary propaganda aiming at overtaking the power in People’s Republic in Bulgaria and the Soviet Union”. He spent his prison sentence working in a carpentry division of the Political Prison in Stara Zagora. He was able to emigrate to the US and to obtain all his medical degrees and licensing as a Psychiatrist in 1984-1986 after which he practiced in Texas and NY. He was a Director of Psychiatric Clinic in L.I., NY and had extensive private practice. In 1991 he was awarded the Bulgarian National Literary Prize for Literature for his book ” The Couckoo-man”. He published a few more book in his native Bulgarian language and a few of his stories got translated in English and other languages. He retired in 2016 and currently resides mostly in Bulgaria where he continues to write and take care of his family’s vineyards. He Is married and has a son Alexander who works in the US.
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