BulgariaAnalytica.org is a project of the Center for Balkan and Black Sea Studies (cbbss.org) designed to provide analytical, fact-based information on Bulgaria and the region on a wide range of geopolitical, national security, economic, financial and foreign-political issues, among others.

BulgariaAnalytica and its analysts strongly support Bulgaria’s democratic and free market orientation as well as its membership in the European Union and NATO.

The opinions expressed in the articles written for Bulgaria Analytica are solely those of their authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of CBBSS or its sponsors.

BulgariaAnalytica is an independent initiative, supported by the America for Bulgaria Foundation. The content reflects solely the views of the authors and should not in any way be considered an expression of views and positions of the America for Bulgaria Foundation.

AB_newThe America for Bulgaria Foundation assists in growing and strengthening a vibrant market economy and democratic society in Bulgaria, helping the country to realize its full potential as a successful, modern European nation. Founded in 2008, the ABF is a successor to the Bulgarian American Enterprise Fund, an investment fund created by the U.S. government acting through the U.S. Agency for International Development. The grants provided by ABF build on the legacy of goodwill and friendship that exists between the American people and the citizens of Bulgaria.

Staff of Bulgaria Analytica

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Bulgaria Analytica International Advisory Board

Ross Johnson – Dr. Johnson is a prominent American specialist on Eastern Europe and the author of many books and monographs on the region. His most recent book is “Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty; The CIA Years and Beyond,” (Stanford University Press, 2010). He has served as the director of Radio Free Europe and is currently a senior scholar at the Wilson Center in Wash. D.C.

Steven Hayward – Prof. Hayward is a prominent American historian and political scientist. He is the author of many books,including the definitive biography of Ronald Reagan (The Age of Reagan in two volumes). He teaches politics at Pepperdine University and writes a daily blog at the powerlineblog.com.

Kent Osband – Dr. Osband is an American economist, strategist, financial risk analyst and longtime student of Bulgaria. He is the author of two well-known books on quantitative risk analysis (Iceberg Risk: An Adventure in Portfolio Theory and Pandora Risk: Uncertainty at the Core of Finance) and has served both in the public (IMF, WB) and private sectors (Goldman Sachs, CSFB, Fortress Investments).

Enders Wimbush – Mr. Wimbush is a well-known specialist on Russia, Eastern Europe and international security and the author of  a dozen books on the subject. He served as the director of Radio Liberty (1987-1993) and as a member of the United States Board of Broadcasting Governors (BBG). Mr Wimbush is currently a distinguished fellow at the Jamestown Foundation in Wash. D.C.


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