[:bg]Димитров[:][:en]Dimitrov, bulgarologue[:]

As a producer in The BBC Bulgarian service created weekly HISTORY AND POLITICS Programme. He was the first BBC correspondent in Bulgaria after the fall of the communist party leader Zhivkov. Books: SOVIET BULGARIA (in Bulgarian), 1994; SOVIET BULGARIA, Book two, 1999; THE WORLD FOR THE BULGARIAN WARRIOR, Book one, 2013; THE WORLD FOR THE BULGARIAN WARRIOR, Book two, 2014.
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Bulgarians and the British fought each other for the first time during the First World War. But in the war there was also time for relaxation in the frontline theatres. Writing about the theatres on the Balkan front, H. Collinson Owen, Official Correspondent in the Near East, emphasized the tolerance of the Bulgarians, who were just a shot away:   “All the Divisional theatres had the added spice that they were well within the enemy  artillery range – they were, in fact, the most advanced of any war theatres – and the programme contained instructions as to scattering  tactics  in case of bombardment. But the Bulgar hardly ever tried to shoot at them, and this was one of the things put down to his credit”   The Bulgarians at the