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Has lived in Holland for four decades. Worked in interfaith dialogue and focused on history of Christianity as a guest researcher at several institutes in Western Europe. Has long been interested in Orthodox Christian radicalism and the influence of Russian religious politics in the EU. An active member of the Orthodox community in Amsterdam.

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  Recently in Sofia a Trump Society was founded and its first meeting saw a number of politicians, businessmen, analysts and journalists known for their affection for Putin, the Russian interpretation of Orthodoxy and the former Bulgarian Communist Party with all its recurrent nationalist incarnations.


  During the Pan-Orthodox Council in Crete in June 2016, the Serbian Patriarch Irinej and the Romanian Patriarch Daniel responded negatively to only one of the proposals made by the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, namely to condemn nationalism in the Church which Bartholomew obviously saw as


In the last year, the behavior of the Synod of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church (BOC) became increasingly radical, while its members are evermore eager to assume the posture of “religious patriots” defending ecclesiastical independence (autocephaly) and the “purity” of Orthodoxy. It turns out that in