Андрей Пионтковский

Andrey Piontkovski was born in 1940 He is the author of more than 100 articles, several monographs on management theory, global modelling and nuclear strategy among others. Since 1988 he has published several hundred articles in the Russian and foreign media. He is regarded as one of the most brilliant publicists and analysts in contemporary Russia.

              “In Ukraine, even with a delay and the high price paid, a dangerous deathly expansion of Western alliances has been stopped. From a quasi-Weimar state on the defensive, Russia has now gone back to its familiar role as a victorious country, back to a new self-confidence.“ Karaganov, a Eurasian thinker with an additional chromosome instead of a brain fold.   For over twenty years I have been trying to explain to the delusional Russian political class some realities that I believe to be quite obvious to any normal human being. I persist in this hopeless mission, because this serious illness affecting the “nation’s brains” is leading my country to inevitable disaster.   The most important obsession of Russian foreign policy discourse is a