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  Recent weeks have provided exemplary cases of the impact of Bulgaria’s high political risk on major projects and gas prices. The caretaker government exacerbates the situation; there is no parliament to control and preempt shady deals, and the gravity of public life and media

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  “Russia might be the leverage point for the recovery of Europe, we, the Russians are more Europeans, than the Europeans themselves. We are Christians, ancestors of the Greek philosophy” Alexander Dugin   In politics prose comes more naturally than rare moments of romance or


  The saga escorting the notorious NPP Belene project is like a ‘Die-Hard-X’ movie – the main character seems immortal. Thousands of pages have been dedicated to the analysis of what went wrong and led to the gravest industrial loss in Bulgaria’s history – BGL

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Bulgaria has recently become one of the targets of the ongoing Kremlin influence campaign, evidenced by pivots made by Russia’s propaganda war machine – “Russia Today” and “Sputnik International”.   Until recently, Sofia had been spared the ‘’benevolence’’ of Putin’s media spearheads, as Moscow had

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The unusually cold winter renewed the dispute on the real accomplishments in energy security and diversification of routes and sources of natural gas. However, the energy system’s shortfalls exhibited during sustained high demand levels require a deeper analysis than the usual blend of suppliers’ blues

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Counter to common perceptions that Bulgaria is a net loser from Russia’s counter-sanctions, the overall effect is mixed and possibly has a net positive end value.   Bulgarian exports to Russia have never recovered after their dramatic fall in the mid 90’s and early 00’s,

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More parties and politicians are identifying themselves as spokespersons incarnating Bulgaria’s national interest. Holding a pivotal position in the political mainstream and wrapped in in the national flag, politicians can easily marginalize political opponents. At the surface of things, the motives are idealistic, as all

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“Russia holds together as a whole country only thanks to force. Only through the suppression of freedom. Only with violence and the imposition of artificial consensus. The nation has no internal bonds, its own raison d‘étre and desire to live together. In order to hold


    “They (the Europeans) look at the Russian people as barbarians, who wander in Europe rejoicing, that somewhere and something can be destroyed – and destroy it just for the sake of destruction, for fun, for the pleasure of simply overseeing its demise, like


  Speculation regarding the foreign policy of President-elect Donald Trump has been on the rise for quite some time, with focus on topics concerning the EU and Eastern Europe. Most speculation emanates from the lack of understanding of the rational and irrational mix in his