Сергей Замасчиков

Sergei Zamascikov is a consultant based in Los Angeles. Originally from Latvia, he worked at the International Institute for Strategic Studies(IISS), Radio Liberty, Voice of America and RAND Corporation.

  On September 22, 2017, Sberbank CEO, Herman Gref, announced the state-owned Russian bank plans to withdraw from several European countries. The reason given was pressure from sanctions. According to Gref, “…it is extremely challenging to work under sanctions in Europe.” Under existing European sanctions

Shukhrat Gulyamov 1

  On August 10, 2017, when the first reports that the Supreme Military Court (Tribunal) of Uzbekistan had sentenced former first deputy chairman of the country’s Security Service (SNB), Shukhrat Gulyamov, to life imprisonment and asked him to compensate the state for the amount of

Ukraine’s Ethnic Groups

  On July 10, 2017, Ukraine adopted new regulations for border crossings. They require all Russian citizens entering the country to have biometric passports and “register with their temporary addresses and inform authorities about their movement within Ukrainian territory”. Moscow’s official reaction was predictably negative,

Rahmat Akilov3

  On April 4, 2017, when 23-year old Akbarzon Jalilov has blown himself up taking 15 other innocent people lives at the St. Petersburg metro, very few people initially paid attention to his place of birth. Shortly, it turned out that him, as another eight

Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani

When the „First Funding Conference of Coordinate Council of the Russian Compatriots of the State of Qatar” took place in Doha in October 2016, some observers were surprised to find out that it represented 7,000 Russian nationals permanently residing in Qatar. According to the Russian

Shelest with Marshal Grechko and General Epishev 2

  Vasil Bil’ak   In January 2011, the Slovak government’s special prosecutor’s office, “due to the lack of witnesses”, decided to close an investigation into the former head of the Slovak Communist Party, Vasil Bil’ak. At the time, Bil’ak, was 93 years old and the

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Changes in Russian TV Propaganda Landscape   My friend, a veteran journalist from Eastern Europe, can hardly be called a Kremlin sympathizer. То the contrary, his credentials as a veteran anti-communist and defender of press freedom are impeccable. He never had a chance to have