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      Thank you for those kind remarks and thanks for the opportunity to be here with you all again. As I mentioned, we’ve been very busy since president Trump was elected and as Alex mentioned I served on the president’s transition team and there we did a lot. Mike Mckenna who is with us here was on that team as well as my US colleagues.   One of the most important things we did on that transition team was put together the president’s energy blueprint. A lot of the things that have been going on in the last two years in the administration derive from his promises on the campaign trail that were put into place for use through the transition and beyond obviously. One of the things


  Some time ago, a Kharkiv-based site hosted a typical Kremlin propaganda piece featuring an ultimatum to the Bulgarian government – either you agree and secure free passage for Turk Stream, ignoring EU and US reservations, or Gazprom will shut off natural gas supply, and Bulgarians will freeze next winter.   Such provocative language blended with ultimatums is hardly what the Russian government can afford, at least at the formal level. Neither Maria Zaharova, nor Peskov, nor Putin, nor Lavrov would openly threaten a nuclear first strike.   This is where the hybrid Russian “scaremongering” machine comes into play – the radical loose-talk politicians like Zhirinovsky, or media makers like Kiseljov, or the cloak and dagger “knights” like Leonid Reshetnikov. Working in the shade and in halftones, they seek to


  The Muller report is in and there is no doubt that it will leave a huge and shameful mark in American history. For what happened was a two-year long conspiracy to remove a legitimately elected American president by the democratic party, the main stream press and most disturbingly, the Department of Justice and large part of the intelligence community, including the FBI and the CIA.   To start with the press, as the perceptive Lee Smith has written in the Tablet Magazine, “None of what went on the last two years would have been possible without the press, an indispensible partner in the biggest political scandal in a generation.” Virtually the entire main stream press, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, CNN and

Brenton Tarrant,

The article first published in on 03/18/2019.   Reading the “Manifesto” of the Christchurch mass-murderer, the first thing that strikes the reader is just how rational he about what he expects will await him after his ghastly deed. He hoped to survive, serve a life sentence and be released after 27 years, all the while using his time in jail to “spread his ideals by media coverage.” Not unreasonably, he might have also said that he would write a best seller and become rich while in jail. All of this thanks to the fact that the death penalty in New Zealand (and all of Europe) is considered cruel and unusual punishment even for scum like this.   More to the point, the entire mainstream media in both America and Europe promptly

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The article first published in on 02/27/2019.   As The World Bank was founded at Bretton Woods in 1944, WWII was still on, though its ultimate outcome was no longer in doubt. From the beginning its charter was to alleviate poverty through loans and expert advice. More recently, it pledged to help end extreme poverty by 2030. Toward this purpose it distributed some $60 billion in loans (2015) to countries that, for the most part, had difficulties accessing market loans. It was not always successful in what was or should have been a noble pursuit. It gave money to countries like China that no longer needed it and to dictators that pilfered it.  Through it all, it was perennially unable to prove how much good it was doing or develop reliable


The article first published in on 02/04/2019.   As I started writing this on the balmy if increasingly socialist, left coast on January 27th, the US media were full of dire predictions of a catastrophic cold snap in the Midwest and New England. The same day, in Brussels, 70,000 people (35,000 of them clueless school children) demonstrated with slogans like “Winter is not coming anymore,” “Nature grows, capitalism blows” and “Stop denying the earth is dying.”   Alas, Winter did come to both the Midwest and Europe and did so with a vengeance.  21 people have died of hypothermia in the US so far and at least 10 in Poland. Temperatures dipped to a hellish minus 23 degrees Fahrenheit (- 30.5 Celsius) in Chicago, and minus 14 degrees Celsius ( 7


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