Thе article is а part of the new issue of MANAGER Magazine.   “Trouble in the Middle East.” Past, present, future — it doesn’t matter. The tense to ascribe to that chronic news headline is your choice. As long as the US is willing to put the interests of its so called “greatest allies” ahead of its own, there will be “trouble” in the Middle East.   The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Israel are not America. While this may seem like an increasingly tedious observation to make, apparently it still needs to be reminded to a president who won his presidential campaign on the slogan of “America First.”   The recent assassination of major general Qasem Soleimani in Baghdad did not put America first. It put its people and

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Mihail Naydenov is a defense and international security expert. He is a member of the Atlantic Council of Bulgaria. Mihail Naydenov has been a civilian expert at the Defense Policy Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Bulgaria since 2001. He is experienced in defense policy formulation and implementation, analysis, speech-writing and conduct of Strategic Defense/Force Structure Reviews.
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Д-р Любомир Канов е психиатър. Политически затворник при режима на Живков, автор на няколко значими книги (първата от тях спечели навремето наградата на българските писатели), д-р Канов е търсен и ценен от стотиците си пациенти в Ню Йорк. Не спира да се завръща в България - „странна и трудна за обичане страна“.

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Sorry, this entry is only available in Bulgarian.


  On October 20th, 1981 Kathy Boudin, a member of the far-left domestic terrorist group “Weather Underground”, dropped her one-year old son off at a babysitter’s house. From there she drove her rented moving van to a parking lot adjacent to a nearby mall in Nyack, New York. The parking lot offered a good vantage point of the events that were about to unfold. More importantly it offered a reliable escape route. Within an hour, the father of her baby, David Gilbert, would join local Black Panthers and fellow Weather Underground terrorists in the armed robbery of a security truck that was parked out front of the mall waiting to receive the mall’s cash profits.   After killing one security guard and stealing $1.6 million in cash, Gilbert and his