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A while ago the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb, opined publicly that Muslims were completely innocent of the sins of colonialism and gave the example of Al-Andalus, (Andalusia) as an example of the allegedly peaceful and equitable coexistence of the three great religions – Christianity, Judaism and Islam, under Muslim domination. This is, of course, a long standing Muslim propaganda belied by the simple historical fact that both Christians and Jews in Spain under Muslim rule had to pay the infidel tax jizya as a mandatory indication of their subservient status.   For people in the Balkans, it is not necessary to go all the way to Spain to find out that Al-Tayeb’s insinuations are nothing but a bold-faced lie. We have the well-documented and centuries-old experience of


Sorry, this entry is only available in Bulgarian.

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A week after the putative military coup failed to remove Erdogan from power, it has become clear that Erdogan himself has mounted a hugely successful coup to turn Turkey into an Islamic dictatorship with himself as the dictator with unlimited power. From what has already been revealed, we know that Erdogan’s carefully planned effort to seize all power predated the military conspiracy by weeks if not months and that he knew of the coming putsch well before it started. While much of the details are yet to be established, the audacity of Erdogan’s power grab is truly astounding. So far he has arrested or dismissed some 100,000 state officials, including nearly 3000 judges, one third of all Turkish generals, 21,000 teachers, 1500 college deans, 40000 police officers and countless others.