hamburg 2017

The article first published in on 07/14/2017.   The Hamburg G-20 is over and the fascist thugs who provided its violent backdrop can now take a well-deserved rest. Not so their numerous sympathizers on the Left who must spin the post-confab narrative in the proper direction.   Two such narratives have emerged to date: That President Trump and America are no longer relevant, and the Paris Accord is irreversible. The former is the purview of Trump-haters in the media who nine months ago signed up for wishful thinking as their preferred reality and will never abandon it. The latter is the domain of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her elite cohorts whose entire world threatens to collapse if global warming is not there to prop it up. The reason for that is simple. The European


The article first published in on 06/12/2017.   What Trump repeatedly promised to do during the election campaign has been done, and America is no longer part of the Paris Agreement.  Predictably, the mainstream media here and across the Atlantic have again gone totally unhinged with prophesies of doom for America, the imminent demise of the Trump administration, and the inevitable rise of Germany and Chancellor Merkel as the new leader of the free world.   This may indeed be a watershed event, but not at all as the left here and there imagines it.  Contrary to the fervent desires of the leftist elites, it will result not in the political collapse of Trump’s America, but in the exposure of the incredible hypocrisy and ultimate weakness of the socialistic environmental


  Last week in Washington at a little noticed event Trump’s new head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Scott Pruitt, said something that had not been heard from a government official since before the Obama administration came to power in 2008. Asked by a journalist if he believed that anthropogenic carbon dioxide was the main reason for global warming, Pruitt straight out denied this central tenet of the global warming orthodoxy. “So, no,” he said, “I would not agree it’s a primary contributor to the global warming that we see.” Pruitt is, of course, right. Of the greenhouse gasses that are believed to cause warming, 95% are made up of water vapor and only 0.04 of CO2. But to radical environmentalists, most of whom are leftists, the 0.04 is,


Last week Donald Trump appointed Scott Pruitt, the former state attorney of Oklahoma, for head of the Environmental Protection Agency. Pruitt had a difficult time going through his hearing in the Senate, where the left, led by Bernie Sanders, attacked him for his disbelief in man-made climate change. Scott Pruitt has in fact spent the better part of his career fighting federal regulations on coal and oil in court, so it’s no wonder why Trump picked him for this position. The new American president ran a campaign that was based on the promise to return jobs to the states that have been hurt by Obama’s environmental regulations. Alongside the nomination of Pruitt, Trump also introduced a draft budget for the EPA in Congress that proposes 25% cuts in funding (down