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  “Comrades, we appoint you millionaires” Andrey Lukanov, Bulgarian PM, before 150 nomenclature cadres meeting Bulgarian Industrial and Industrial Association (today BIA) November 1989   The Peevski-Domuschiev amendment comes as a logical consequence of a long evolution in the ruling model of Bulgaria, an almost unavoidable stage – the consolidation of the proceeds and the preponderance of the post-communist nomenclature in its drive to create a version of national capitalism, insulating the country from globalist trends and fencing off Bulgaria from foreign influence. All of this is in the interest of indigenous oligarchs and political power brokers.   This is hardly an innovation. Rather it is reminiscent of the G-13 group story, a graft of a local breed of “wild capitalism” coupled with no less wild and fake nationalism, claiming

georgi markov

Sorry, this entry is only available in Bulgarian.


Sorry, this entry is only available in Bulgarian.

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Sorry, this entry is only available in Bulgarian.

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The cutting edge of the Russian propaganda in America, Bulgarian Daniel Ivandzhiyski, was rarely used for hybrid operations in Bulgaria. In practice, his financial blog Zero Hedge is almost unknown at home. However, a few days ago Mr. Ivandzhiyski was activated in Bulgaria by Boyan Chukov, a former communist foreign intelligence officer. Apparently, Russian centers for information war against Bulgaria have been experiencing difficulties and were forced to finally release Zero Hedge for domestic consumption. Mr. Chukov’s position is particularly important to the Kremlin, as is evident from the title of an article published in the openly pro-Russian website Pogled (Overview): “Berlin and Sofia together against the “hawks “.   Russia was particularly unnerved by the possibility of joint actions by NATO countries and Ukraine in the Black Sea. Prime