The article first published in on 09/18/2017.   Commenting on Jean-Claude Junker’s state of the European Union speech last week, the usually restrained German economic weekly, Wirtschafts Woche, said the following: “Today the chief of the European Commission gave a great speech… a speech full of great nonsense.” What prompted that staid publication to use such undiplomatic language, especially since the European Parliament gave the speech a standing ovation? Hopefully, it is the realization of more and more Europeans that the cheap EU triumphalism and prescriptions peddled by Juncker are, at best, inappropriate and, at worst, a recipe for disaster.   Of triumphalism there was plenty in the speech. “The wind is back in Europe’s sails” Junker assured the audience and told it that the EU is “in the fifth year

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With President Trump now into his first full week in office, it is time to begin examining his likely impact on Europe. Not that there hasn’t been much commentary on his campaign and ostensible policies before. Long before Trump was elected president, the European press and politicians, unwisely taking their que from the viciously anti-Trump  American mainstream media, had declared Trump a ‘fascist’ (Der Spiegel), a “preacher of hate” (German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier), ‘clueless’ and a “threat to the whole world.” (EU’s parliament president, Martin Schulz). This is perhaps understandable, though not excusable, coming as it was from these predictable leftist sources. Unfortunately, this Trump derangement syndrome has become even more ubiquitous since his inauguration and not just from the Left.  A case in point is a long article


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