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Lubomir Kanov is a Bulgarian medical doctor, Psychiatrist and a writer, who was forced into emigration in 1984. He was a qualified professional in his native country, before the authorities and the Secret Police arrested him in 1977 for subversive thinking and “counter-revolutionary propaganda aiming at overtaking the power in People’s Republic in Bulgaria and the Soviet Union”. He spent his prison sentence working in a carpentry division of the Political Prison in Stara Zagora. He was able to emigrate to the US and to obtain all his medical degrees and licensing as a Psychiatrist in 1984-1986 after which he practiced in Texas and NY. He was a Director of Psychiatric Clinic in L.I., NY and had extensive private practice. In 1991 he was awarded the Bulgarian National Literary Prize for Literature for his book ” The Couckoo-man”. He published a few more book in his native Bulgarian language and a few of his stories got translated in English and other languages. He retired in 2016 and currently resides mostly in Bulgaria where he continues to write and take care of his family’s vineyards. He Is married and has a son Alexander who works in the US.

Sorry, this entry is only available in Bulgarian.


  ‘Fort Trump’ said the Polish president Andrzej Duda, during a White House press conference last week, would be an appropriate name to call the first American military base in Poland. Whether this Polish dream comes to pass or not is yet to be seen, but the strategic rationale behind it is anything but the joke US pundits took it to be.  It is, in fact, an incapsulation of the dilemma facing Eastern Europe and with it, NATO and the United States.   For barely concealed behind it is a multitude of challenges that must be addressed without delay if a serious crisis in Europe and the alliance is to be avoided. At the bottom of it is the seemingly unavoidable conflict over Muslim immigration. Virtually all of Eastern Europe


The article first published in on 09/18/2017.   Commenting on Jean-Claude Junker’s state of the European Union speech last week, the usually restrained German economic weekly, Wirtschafts Woche, said the following: “Today the chief of the European Commission gave a great speech… a speech full of great nonsense.” What prompted that staid publication to use such undiplomatic language, especially since the European Parliament gave the speech a standing ovation? Hopefully, it is the realization of more and more Europeans that the cheap EU triumphalism and prescriptions peddled by Juncker are, at best, inappropriate and, at worst, a recipe for disaster.   Of triumphalism there was plenty in the speech. “The wind is back in Europe’s sails” Junker assured the audience and told it that the EU is “in the fifth year


  Following its decision, the Polish regulator bluntly informed the European companies involved in the company Nord Stream 2: Shell, OMV, Engie, Uniper and Wintershall, that if their subsidiaries are involved in the construction of the pipeline, they can bid farewell to their business in Poland.   The problem is not so much the importance of the Polish market to these companies’ portfolios, but that what has occurred, including the precedent of activating a regulator over such a sensitive topic, could put them in the sights of similar investigations in many other countries. Moreover, the issue could hypothetically be coming to the attention of the European Commission. The Polish regulator UOKiK has an iron-cast argument: if Nord Stream 2 is built, the dominant role of Gazprom on the European market