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  This is the story of an Italian investor who closed his enterprise near Plovdiv. The story was shared with an acquaintance of mine, and it explains why the businessman is leaving the country.   The Italian investor started his narrative with a rare admission that, as someone coming from the country that is home to the mafia, it is almost natural for every Italian to “honor” the traditions of oiling administrative and regulatory mechanisms. But back in Italy, says the Italian businessman, we estimate the price for working in our environment at a maximum of 10-11 percent of the business proceeds. Most of us never challenge this – we pay and go on with our lives and work. This is not a new tradition – it has been the

Credit: Wikimedia Commons/ Huw Williams

The article first published in on 11/02/2018.   For more than two and a half centuries, human kind has lived under an irreconcilable dichotomy – the benevolent revolution we call the enlightenment, and the inevitable reactionary counter-revolution that followed it – a dichotomy that has continued to our days.   The enlightenment introduced a number of revolutionary concepts that demolished the church dogma that had dominated the Middle Ages.  It established reason and empirical knowledge as the source of authority leading to the scientific revolution beginning with Copernicus and the heliocentric theory of the universe.  In government, the enlightenment brought about the radical idea of individual liberty with John Locke’s call for “life, liberty and property.“ The revolution reached its apotheosis in the late 18th century with the American Constitution and its

Credit: Wikimedia Commons/ Huw Williams

  On Sunday, May 8, 2016, a long-held dream of Greens around the world seemed to come true. On that day, German wind and solar installations produced enough electricity to satisfy 87% of the consumption of the largest industrial power in Europe. Greens and fellow-travellers rejoiced for here finally was proof positive that clean renewable sources could supply us with all the energy we need and that the days of the hated fossil fuels appeared numbered indeed. Alas, hardly had the hype surrounding this momentous achievement died down, before the renewable claque suffered its greatest defeat in years, a defeat that may put paid to the whole German ‘Energiewende’ (energy transition) experiment that had long been the pride and joy and best hope of environmental zealots the world over. It