“Human mercy requires that we are merciless to those who have no mercy.” Johannes Becher, The Power of Poetry   It goes without saying that the most serious war waged against the Islamic state hordes is not by the West, much less by Russia or Iraq and Assad. The ones putting in the most serious fighting are the Kurds. As for the Euro-Atlantic community, its operations can, without prejudice, only be qualified as symbolic. This war is not a war of air aces; it cannot be won by air – neither with bombers, nor with fighters nor cruise missiles. American and European military strategists are fully aware of this. If they had the power to decide, their tanks would have destroyed ISIS completely a long time ago. However, as

Joy Page, an American actress best known for her role as the Bulgarian bride Annina Brandel in the film Casablanca (1942).

Why the movies avoid Communism   “We come from Bulgaria,” says Annina Brandel, a newlywed played by Joy Page. She is addressing Rick Blaine, played by Humphrey Bogart, in the 1942 film Casablanca.   “Things are very bad there, monsieur,” Annina explains. “The devil has the people by the throat. Jan and I do not want our children to grow up in such a country.” The trouble is, they have no money, and Annina contemplates sex with Captain Renault, played by Claude Rains, to gain a visa. Annina asks Rick if the captain is trustworthy and if her “bad thing” would be all right if she kept it locked in her heart.   “Go back to Bulgaria,” Rick says, but then he rigs the roulette table so Jan wins and