The Dictatorship of Incompetence

The Dictatorship of Incompetence


“Incompetence is fascism.”

L. Levchev


“Illiterates have to dictate.”

Stanislaw Jerzy Lec


The election of the Prosecutor General of Bulgaria at present is comparable to the election of a Procurator of the Roman province of Judea. However, Bulgaria is not Judea, and the Third Rome /Moscow/ is not Rome at all, but a political rebranding of the medieval Golden Horde. Still, the parallels are unavoidable.


The current Chief Procurator, pardon me – Prosecutor, the former Provincial Judge Tsatsarov, like the real Pontius Pilate washed his hands with the proposed candidature of his own creation Ivan Geshev; someone who obtained his degree in law at the Police school. And the latter did not waste any time before stunning the general public with his interview on the so-called Bulgarian National Television.


What does actually lie behind the pompous, politically incorrect, party-biased, intimidating, profane and vulgar and openly bandit outbursts in this resemblance of an interview with the candidate for chief prosecutor? Enormous incompetence, lack of ability and professional inaptitude. There is also a fear that his masters may kick him out tomorrow the same way they brought him out of nowhere. “From Dirt to Princes” (from mud to power and wealth) – there is a nice historic poetic pun on how things go in the rebranded Golden Horde, sorry – “Third Rome”.


And so the question arises:

Is this the way the red oligarchy (which, for your information, has not fallen from its princely power since it was installed there 75 years ago) chooses the incompetent to serve it? And why is this necessary? Stealing is more honourable, gentlemen, comrades – you already tried it, why also plunder? These Eurasian habits of robbery and looting, characteristic of your masters of the Golden Horde may well send you one day where you first came from 75 years ago – to the mud. Or worse – beneath it.


It is high time to see the end of this mimicry of democracy, resembling dictatorship and something like nothing in the world in this “independent”state, occupied and hacked more than once by these bandits and thugs. This game of democracy must end but not to establish the dictatorship you crave (to steal and pillage with impunity). Democracy must throw you once and for all where you belong – into the mud.


And one more thing – this place from which you crawled out – the party with the big P, which today mimics opposition – why is it so silent in front of this unprecedented beastly choice? Because they are incompetent like you? No, they have been incompetent for 75 years, even before. Because this choice is convenient for dealing with anyone, whether guilty or innocent. And because tomorrow, when they come to power with your help, they will deal with those who are bringing you to power today.


Yesterday on Facebook I made a pun that we needed Geshev, but not Ivan – Nikola. The comrades still shiver when they hear his name. And not because he is a “fascist” (they proclaim a fascist anyone who is not from their bandit pro-Russian gang). It is because they are afraid of the competent policeman who turned their party into a lot of informers.


And then the same incompetent people and bandits went from dirt to princes!

“You succeeded in your pillage, now think of the weak,” cried the writer Radoy Ralin 20 years after the “victory” of 09/09/1944. Nobody heard his cry as looting and pillage are the essence of socialism – this “most progressive system”!


Indeed – the satirist of the totalitarian twentieth century Stanislaw Lec is right – the illiterate cannot do otherwise but dictate. Even in the twenty-first century, the laws of politics are ruthless.


Democracy is not the power of the crowd, but of the citizens – it must be known. It is not the power of the unlearned majority, but of the enlightened elites in the main divisions of power – legislative, executive, judicial, but also media and the spiritual. Democracy, if true, is not toothless in dealing with crime and its many enemies – one of which is incompetence. For incompetence, power is only one and is undivided. The enlighteners who two and a half centuries ago made the discovery that power should not be in the hands of the same people are not “right-wing extremists” but benefactors of humanity. And the “right-wing extremists” are the current leftist creatures who, as they cannot do their jobs, stop and hinder those who can and who know how to do things properly. Law professionals are pushed into a deadlock and can do nothing unless some radical democratic reforms of the corrupt law enforcement and judicial systems are implemented.


Incompetence is fascism, and today’s “anti-fascists”, as Churchill prophetically prophesied, are in fact today’s true fascists, true left-wing obscurants, regardless of party colour.


„Bulgaria, Bulgaria, my lenient Bulgaria. I know you from the day before yesterday and from yesterday – you are the country where all the incompetent ones made a huge career.” 

Radoy Ralin


So the choice of Chief Prosecutor/Future Dictator seems predestined. Or maybe not. But we need to tell both him and those who chose him:

„From the mud you made your way to power. Still, do not forget that not power, but mud is eternal.” 

Omar Khayyam



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