Drama in the EU is yet to unfold and there may be early EU elections

Drama in the EU is yet to unfold and there may be early EU elections

The Interview by Vasil Vasilev first published in faktor.bg on 07/10/2019.


The liberals were wrong to manipulate Greta Thunberg; anti-Christian ideals are being re-shaped into environmental philosophy

Democrats in the US have shot themselves in their good foot

The outcome of the political crisis in Israel will be important for the world, states the former Bulgarian MP Dimitar Ivanov



– Mr. Ivanov, what will be the consequences of the impeachment against Donald Trump?

– Six hours after Donald Trump delivered his speech before the UN, declaring that globalism was dead and the future belonged to nation states, Nancy Pelosi launched a procedure for the US president’s impeachment. The ground was ridiculous and Trump himself called the Democrats’ actions “witch hunt garbage”. I absolutely agree with him. In my opinion, this impeachment is the Democratic Party’s shooting themselves in their good foot. The first such “shooting” was Barack Obama’s poor relationship with Benjamin Netanyahu during his second term. At the time the trigger was pushed by Obama and Hillary Clinton. Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden’s fingers are now on the trigger. Many people think that nothing will come out of the impeachment from a legal point of view and that it will not succeed.

However, the reason for launching the impeachment is more noteworthy as well as its impact on next year’s US presidential elections. This scandal will ruin the Democrats’ preliminary campaign, which is already underway, because the favourite Joe Biden is being embroiled in a serious scandal that has been fabricated. To date, Trump has been deemed to have considerable chances of winning a second term. This idea is driving the liberal circles in the US, Europe and the world crazy. We are about to witness a long and painful political show. The bill will be paid by the Democratic Party and liberals in the US, but it will also affect processes in Europe and also Brexit, Israel, Ukraine and other conflicts around the world. The President of Israel has shown wisdom and given Benjamin Netanyahu the mandate to form a government, even though the latter received fewer seats than his main rival Benny Ganz.

The political crisis in Israel deserves special attention as it has a wide-ranging international impact on issues such as Iran and the Persian crisis, the Ukraine-Russia conflict, the US trade war with China, the processes in the European Union and others.


– Now President Trump is warning about a new financial crisis …

A financial crisis would be the penultimate barrier to Trump’s second term. His opponents own most of the assets in the world, as well as most of the media, NGOs, and gigantic funds … After the media, political and legal attempts to stop the incumbent president from running for a second term, they will also utilize economic levers. Many experts predict a new financial crisis next year. I would not be surprised if the “financial wizards” deliver such a crisis as a “Christmas present.” But such a financial cataclysm will have political rather than economic causes, unlike the cyclical crises so far. However, the ultimate barrier is the worst – war.


– How would a political crisis in Israel affect the world?

Israel is a relatively small country with a small population, but it has a significant role in international relations. I have concluded from my discussions on various levels that many believe that the United States actually appoint the Prime Minister of Israel. In my opinion, though, conversely, the Prime Minister of Israel is far more important in the election of the US President. Elections in Israel have reached a peak of antagonism, but not between “left” and “right.” The play of “left” and “right” is an illusion that is being amplified by thousands of media, but such opposition is no longer present today. The conflict in Israel is religious and not between Jews and Muslims, but between believing Jews and atheist Jews. Unfortunately, in Bulgaria no attention is paid to the elections in Israel and yet they are also important for the elections in the United States next year. They are important for the Brexit outcome in the UK, for the Ukraine-Russia conflict and for the development of the European project. The EU project is eroding by the day and obviously needs to be rescued.


– What is the role of Bulgaria in the whole situation and was President Rumen Radev’s speech before the UN politically relevant?

Bulgaria is a small country and is usually not included in political and economic analyzes. This is a mistake of the major analysts and researchers. There is a link between the “spy scandal” in Bulgaria and the impeachment of Donald Trump – Russia. For over two years Trump has been investigated for Russian ties and is now being persecuted for a phone call with the Ukrainian President Zelensky. However, Russia did not acknowledge the so-called “spy scandal” in our country and did not join in. The reaction of the Russian leadership was quite restrained and even neglectful in view of other, more serious goals it has set itself.

Liberal circles around the world are hysterical, especially those in the UK. They are leading their country to a major crisis. There the court was used to interfere with Parliament’s work. A British daily newspaper called the Supreme Court’s decision a “coup d’état”. To me, such a definition is appropriate.

The kind of liberal jurisdiction that is being promoted in recent decades around the world is harmful. (Bulgaria is another example as you see how our country is shaken by judicial conflicts.) Liberals in the US were “hit” by Donald Trump’s statement that globalism is over and the time for patriots is coming.

As for Rumen Radev’s speech before the UN, it was a sweeping statement for me. In a situation where there are strong ideological clashes, when Democrats in the United States have gone berserk in recent months and have been trying to push Trump into the Ukrainian crisis, we could not say anything more. On the other hand, the behaviour of our Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva seemed rather strange to me. I couldn’t figure out her idea of a “multilateral world” because I didn’t have enough information. All I know is that over 60 countries are involved in this process. That sounds like “multiculturalism” to me. Such “multi-isms” are a demonstration of weakness.


– How would you comment on the phenomenon Greta Thunberg as some people define her?

The exploitation of this Swedish child, Greta Thunberg during the UN Assembly was something unacceptable and untoward. This is serious speculation. Liberals, on the other hand, are attempting to reform their anti-Christian ideology into some form of environmental ideology that will prevail in their opposition efforts. Thousands more children were involved, all sorts of manipulations took place – what Greta said, how she looked at Donald Trump, and so on.


– What is the future of the EU after the attempt for a takeover by the Liberals?

The European Union is already taken over by liberals. Those who rejoice that Ursula Von der Leyen has been elected President of the European Commission are naive.

The big dramas in Europe are yet to unfold. I think that it is even possible to have early European elections because there will be sharp contradictions. On the other hand, Brexit is a huge milestone that the EU has been unable to swallow for three years already. Von der Leyen herself was elected with serious compromises and concessions. The greatest instability, however, will be caused by her official statements that she would make the Istanbul Convention binding. She promised this to the liberal communists in the EU, those who nowadays call themselves “socialists”, “green” etc. Leyen will avoid confrontation and controversy because the “left” would easily remove her from her post.

It is clear to us that the Istanbul Convention cannot be adopted in Bulgaria as it is against our Constitution. If we were asked to impose the Convention, we must call a referendum because we cannot violate our basic law because of the German lady and the people around her. As much as liberals hate referendums, this time it will be inevitable to consult the people. I am surprised that Bulgarian MEPs are silent on the subject. If they voted for Von der Leyen, it means that they cast their vote for the unconstitutional imposition of the Istanbul Convention. This EU model will not last long. And I’m not talking about the idea that is being forced on us, i.e. that if you are not for the EU, then you are not for Europe. Good riddens to all these anti-traditionalists and liberals. I identify as European but their model is wrong. The European Union is losing importance and gravitas in the world by the day. There is no leadership in Europe, no ideas except to bring in a few million immigrants.


– You are warning of the “liberal hysteria” – will it affect the local elections in Bulgaria?

Local elections are important because there is a deliberate attempt to turn them into ideological ones. It is similar to what happened in the local elections in Turkey six months ago, and this is not a new practice for the panicking liberals. Erdogan’s opposition won the Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir strongholds. As a political process, nothing has changed in Turkey in the last six months. Erdogan continues to follow the course he has previously mapped out. The Turkish president behaves like a relatively independent politician, although he lost his most important cities. The elections there were a big drama.

Something similar is now happening in Bulgaria. The stake is not even what some people fantasize – a loss for GERB and an advance of the Liberals. One of Sofia’s candidates, Volen Siderov, openly promised to ban gay parades if he became mayor. So far, this statement has met with grave silence. Protests against legal changes that threaten family and children receive little criticism from the liberal media. For example, Barbie and Ken’s famed dolls already have a gender product of …the  third sex. This whole ideology is aggressive, though it is done quietly and subtly.

Regarding the tension in Sofia over the troubles and grievances in the municipality, hardly anyone will be able to cope with its worst problems: Sofia central heating, the polluted air, broken streets, parking, illegal construction, etc., etc. It is unlikely that we will be able to transform our capital the way I would like to see it too … Whilst Sofia is becoming more attractive to tourists and foreigners, this is not credit to the Municipal governance.




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