The Effect of Impeachment in 2020

The Effect of Impeachment in 2020



The first round of Ukrainegate impeachment proceedings drew an audience of 13.1 million viewers in the United States. While not an insignificant figure, it’s important to note that this is down 32 percent from the 19 million viewers that tuned in for James Comey’s testimony during the nascent stage of the Russiagate proceedings.


It seems more likely than not that this difference in viewership is partially due to an American public that is getting tired of the immutable disdain the left has for President Trump and anything he touches. The left regards Trump as evil incarnate. There is no doubt Impeachment would result in an immense amount of compensatory satisfaction in the minds of those who were severely let down in 2016.


However, even if impeached by the House it is highly unlikely the Republican-controlled Senate will provide the 2/3 majority required to remove Trump from office. He will serve the remainder of his first term, impeached or not.


The situation becomes very interesting if Trump is impeached. This would be the first time in history that an elected President was impeached in his first term. Andrew Johnson took over after Abraham Lincoln’s assassination and didn’t run for reelection. Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon were both in their second terms when they were convicted.


While Trump has made it clear that he does intend to run for reelection, impeachment might change his mind. One bipartisan agreement about Trump is that he hates losing. The Democrats believe impeachment is their best chance at making that happen in 2020. It’s the opinion of many on the political right that this belief has no merit. An impeachment based on the alleged quid pro quo regarding Ukrainian aid may only rally the President’s base around him.


Just as with Russiagate, this latest round of Anti-Trump derangement channeled into a dubious claim of impropriety is more indicative of the current plight of the left than corruption by the President. After three years to regroup and put their best foot forward, the Democratic Party is trying desperately to convince themselves that either Elizabeth Warren or Joe Biden is the proverbial “great man” that will pull the U.S. out of the dark shadow of Trump’s so-called fascist regime.


Neither of those candidates has whatever it was that Hillary Clinton was missing when she lost to Trump in 2016. The left thinks they need some help in the upcoming election, and impeachment was an itch they left unscratched after Russiagate turned out to be a sham.


Things are a bit more complicated this time around, however.

Impeachment for Ukrainegate actually has some legs, unlike Russiagate. Trump very well may be guilty of quid pro quo. There is no evidence as of yet, only inference from the transcripts of his phone conversation with Ukrainian President Vladymyr Zelensky and the complaints of a whistleblower that the Democrats have done everything in their power to hide from the public.


In fact, the left has gone far beyond what whistleblowing privacy protection statutes allow in order to protect the whistleblower from the public. Now that the identity has been leaked, it is very apparent why.


Eric Ciaramella is a CIA analyst who specializes in Ukraine and Russia. His rich history of involvement in the White House includes greatest hits like leaking the unsubstantiated rumor that Vladimir Putin was able to fire people in U.S. intelligence, as well as being Joe Biden’s “point man” in Ukraine dealings during the Vice President’s own quid pro quo scandal.


His open disdain for President Trump, disgraced reputation at the National Security Council, and long history with the Biden family make it all the more amusing that the left claims he has no political agenda. The fact that he is now employed by the CIA further illustrates the open collusion between the Democratic Party and the intelligence apparatus of the U.S. If any American citizen still believed that the CIA was abiding by its charter to never conduct operations on U.S. soil… Welcome to the new world.


Speaking of Biden, his role in Trump’s phone call to Volodymyr Zelensky is being conveniently swept under the rug. In this video, Biden brags openly about using quid pro quo to bully the Ukrainians into firing prosecutor general Viktor Shokin before he could conclude his investigation into Burisma Holdings and Hunter Biden. In other words, we have an admission of guilt and recorded proof that Biden withheld aid until Shokin was fired. In the case of Trump, we have a complaint from an obviously biased and borderline apparatchik CIA agent and a phone call transcript that doesn’t make any specific admission.


Even the left knows that this latest impeachment attempt is preordained to end in nothing. The fact that the whistleblower is not even being made to testify proves this is all a show trial. Impeachment or not, he will remain in office and his base will remain loyal. These accusations simply keep the administration stagnant and the public refreshed with new reasons to oppose Trump. While this may be an effective strategy for the far left, the Democrats were never in danger of losing those votes anyway. Instead, there is a large contingent of former-Trump supporters or undecided voters who will see another corrupt “Trumpgate” saga end in nothing again and decide the left deserves to feel how they felt in November of 2016. These witch hunts, which are designed to keep the administration from accomplishing anything, motivate a conservative vote in ways that Twitter and campaign rallies never could.


Whether Trump is guilty or not, this is simply another example of the 45th president being vilified for allegedly doing something that there is tangible proof the left actually did. If the media wants to know about Russians and meddling in elections, they should ask Bill Clinton about Boris Yeltsin. If they want to know about Ukraine and quid pro quo, Biden can be found somewhere on the campaign trail surging in the polls. It turns out accusing somebody else of your crimes is popular with Democrat voters.


By Eric Alexiev

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