A Judicial System in Decline

A Judicial System in Decline



On October 20th, 1981 Kathy Boudin, a member of the far-left domestic terrorist group “Weather Underground”, dropped her one-year old son off at a babysitter’s house. From there she drove her rented moving van to a parking lot adjacent to a nearby mall in Nyack, New York. The parking lot offered a good vantage point of the events that were about to unfold. More importantly it offered a reliable escape route. Within an hour, the father of her baby, David Gilbert, would join local Black Panthers and fellow Weather Underground terrorists in the armed robbery of a security truck that was parked out front of the mall waiting to receive the mall’s cash profits.


After killing one security guard and stealing $1.6 million in cash, Gilbert and his accomplices jumped into Kathy’s van and fled the scene. They were stopped by police before they could escape the area, and another firefight resulted in two dead police officers. The suspects fled for the second time that day, but eventually all were detained and charged with felony murder and robbery.


Kathy Boudin was released on parole after serving twenty years and is now a professor at Columbia University. David Gilbert remains behind bars, 38 years into his 75-year sentence. What became of the son they abandoned to commit armed robbery?


Earlier this month he was elected District Attorney of San Francisco, a position once held by former presidential candidate Kamala Harris. Given the example of Kamala, it’s not over embellishing to say that being a DA of San Francisco can be used as a springboard to the Senate which, if you’re lucky, might make you a presidential candidate one day.


The life that Chesa Boudin lived between being abandoned by his parents at 14 months of age and being elected to one of San Francisco’s most influential positions would make both of his terrorist parents proud. After news of his parent’s arrest made the rounds amongst the Weather Underground community, he was adopted by the two leaders of the movement, Bernadine Ohrnstein and Bill Ayers. Their history of far-left domestic terrorism includes such highlights as bombing the Pentagon, inciting riots, conspiracy to commit terrorism, armed robbery, contempt of a grand jury and, for Ohrnstein, a three-year stint on the FBI’s top 10 most wanted list.


It was a match made in heaven. His new adopted parents were essentially more extreme versions of his biological parents. Even better was the fact that Bernadine Ohrnstein was a well-connected lawyer. The Boudin family is established in the American legal practice, with lawyers up and down the family tree and familial clients such as Fidel Castro and the Church of Scientology. Chesa seized on these prodigal conditions in which he was raised by adopting a mishmash of the radical politics held by his four parents. Visiting his biological parents in prison gave him a deeply ingrained hatred for the judicial system. In his mind, his parents weren’t the ones at fault for his childhood, the judicial system was.


Chesa worked briefly as a translator in Hugo Chavez’s government in Venezuela before returning to the states to attend law school and live up to his family pedigree. With such a prestigious family name and reputation, he had no trouble finding his way into premier schools such as Yale, Oxford and Yale School of Law. Until the election earlier this month, he worked as a public defender in San Francisco. Until the election, defending abject criminals was his best opportunity to fight the justice system. Any port in a storm.


How could somebody with such a natural bias against true justice win an election that provides him arbitration over the judicial system?


Supporters of Chesa believe that he won based on his own merit. They are ephemerally biblical in their defense of him, saying things like “the sins of the father are not the sins of the son.” I agree. In a vacuum, Chesa should not be held accountable for his parents’ crimes. What he should be held accountable for is that he has lived his life glorifying his parent’s incarceration and using it to advance his own career. Chesa rarely admonished the sins of his fathers, at every opportunity however he admonishes the consequences for those sins.


While California voters should never have their ineptitude underestimated, they can’t be blamed entirely for Chesa’s victory. His victory, along with many other local district attorneys elected in the past several years, are simply steps in powerful progressive elites attempts to reform the justice system based on ideology rather then legislative process.


A Politico piece from 2016 comprehensively illustrates the blueprint financiers like George Soros are using to advance their political agenda by upending the American judicial system from the bottom up. In the article Brenda Carter, the director of the Reflective Democracy Campaign quotes “I think people are waking up to the untapped potential for intervention in these seats to really change the day-to-day realities of criminal justice.”


As an example of these “changing realities of criminal justice” that people like Brenda Carter are vying for, remember the case of Jussie Smollett. Smollett had 16 felonies thrown out of court in one of the most open-and-shut public cases in recent memory. Every single piece of evidence pointed Smollett directly behind bars. Instead, the prosecuting attorney Kim Foxx threw the entire case out. The faked hate crimes Smollett should be in jail for alleging were based on homophobia and racism. Foxx throwing the case out set a clear precedent to the nation that you can get away with falsely accusing people of racism and homophobia as long as your accusations fit the progressive narrative. It’s no wonder George Soros was Kim Foxx’s top donor.


In an unsurprising twist Kim Foxx emphatically endorsed Chesa Boudin for San Francisco’s DA position. Additional endorsement came in the financial form, from criminal justice reform advocate Chloe Cockburn. Cockburn once moderated a 2017 summit for Soros’ Democracy Alliance donor consortium about strategizing how to take over local and state offices to reclaim a “progressive future.”  Of course, it would be conspiratorial to believe that Cockburn received any instruction or funding after taking part in such an event. Afterall, anything regarding Soros is simply a conspiracy.


The state of Virginia has two new district attorneys after over a million dollars in donations poured in from a Soros funded PAC. Such prosecutors from all across the US are winning elections purely based on funding from sources with no attachment to the community their support is going to. Disregard for the rule of law in the face of progressive ideology is all it takes to qualify for Soros backing. Thus, rulings like Kim Foxx’s in the case of Jussie Smollett will become quotidian. When that happens, and accusations hold precedence over evidence, the justice system will already be irreparably broken.


At that point can we stop calling this a conspiracy?


By Eric Alexiev

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